Our Process

Analysis and Assessment

Our team analyzes critical factors related to a new project, ensuring that the idea is financially, legally, and technically viable, and details all the risks and requirements associated with it. This enables the management to take the all-important go/no-go decision after reviewing our assessment.

Strategic Consulting

LMBRI provides customers strategic advisory services to identify and control their key non-financial risks. We aid the management team in defining priorities and taking informed investment decisions to limit their risks. We possess the knowledge of how unstable and volatile markets react and provide support to clients at a strategic level in such environments.

Monitoring, Interventions, and Reporting

LMBRI conducts management review, monitors, acknowledges, sanctions, and implements interventions for programs or projects to ensure performance excellence. The major checkpoints are as follows:

  • Accountability monitoring and interventions
  • Program monitoring and interventions, including performance monitoring and investigation
  • Management reporting and recommendations