Our Services

New Market Entry Strategy

Expansion is one of the strategies businesses adopt to increase brand presence. This requires a deep understanding of new markets and opportunities.

We help our clients explore turnkey market entry solutions by assessing situational risks pertaining to politics, economy, regulatory environment, security, and location. We also gather business intelligence concerning partners, supply chains, and service providers to create a comprehensive management strategy.

Our senior level advisory team evaluates all such factors and guides clients through the fine nuances of a new market. While some elements of market entry services may be sourced inhouse based on our existing capabilities, LMBRI also suggests best-in-class service providers to advice clients on their specific requirements.

Strategy and Planning

We work with our clients to create a strategic roadmap for market entry by defining short-term, mid-term, and long-term goals. We use the deep dive method to understand market drivers; economic risks; competition; time-to-market; and specific risks related to a product, service, technology, market, or geographic location to ensure intelligent planning.

Program Management

Given the effort and investment required to initiate, plan, control, execute, and close out a major initiative, the program may entail developing a key technology; installing a state-of-the-art system; reengineering an enterprise; implementing new processes and tools to improve quality, cost, or delivery performance; launching a new product or service in the market; and conducting a regulatory approval process. LMBRI provides comprehensive program management services to clients, ranging from establishing program objectives and tailoring best practices, in addition to providing on-site management and technical skills to execute all phases of the program effectively.

Our team supports clients through the entire development and project lifecycle — from assessing market potential in pre-launch stages to understanding the intricacies of product launch and helping clients transition to new options for launching their products in the market.

We also aid performance improvement and minimization of marketplace risk through superior forecasting and trend analyses, customized market intelligence, improved segmentation, customer communication, and sales force deployment.

Enhancing customer relationships

Customer relationship is the heart of every business. Customers form the most important element of a company’s operations but are often mistakenly considered difficult and even incidental to the business. Organizations that connect with their customers are able to build loyalty and ensure repeat business. If customers are aware that their requirements will be fulfilled and their concerns addressed, they develop a positive brand recall. If the company has a loyal customer base, its one-off mistakes are also disregarded.

Customer relationship creates a foundation for building allegiance and long-lasting goodwill in the market, which directly leads to recurring revenue generation.

We have a proven track record of nurturing and enhancing customer relationships, which can be measured via increase in revenue, market penetration, and customer faith.


The regulatory landscape of diagnostic companies is intricate and extensive market, and regulatory and legal knowledge is required to navigate it. At LMBRI, we have experts who are not only aware of the legalities but also updated on changes that may be implemented by regulatory authorities. We guide clients through audits, ensure they meet the required regulations of authorities such as FDA and ISO, and help them obtain the requisite approval. We stand with you throughout the product cycle, from development stages to commercialization. Our team helps clients assess the regulatory environment, evaluate risks, and prioritize product launches.